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You Can Still Smoke In Doors?

Body aches, sweat filling every pour from the sauna like Astro van, and a smell of what I imagine teen spirit smells like. Well minus the Axe body spray and just the funk. As I get my mind around the show last night and how much fun it was, packed bar and people were listening to the live music, well I think haha.

 I know one dude was because he came up to me and wanted to talk about my story and raved about how jealous he was because I’m living the “dream”.  Also one girl who had a name that started with an A. I don’t know who the dude that was hovering by her but he was kind of an ass hat. I know Webster would approve of that word ass hat.

The dark lite smoky room, filled with actual cigarette smoke was the house for my music and interesting conversations. I can check off playing in a smoke filled room off of my bucket list. Also one of the bartenders was super cute and had a great personality with seductive brown eyes but enough about my eHarmony commercial.

 With 5 hours of sleep and a melody in my heart I travel out to Tahlequah, OK to play a show. Thank god for Redbull or I would be in deep crap. Side note I just saw a tiny girl in Starbucks with huge fake boobs, well I’m taking a wild guess. With how tiny her figure was, I don’t think basketballs size cans grow on a tiny women like that. God bless America right haha.


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