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Why Do I Have To Deal With Idiots

Going back out on the road and performing has some high pros and some really goofy cons. The greatest part of touring is being able to meet all these new people and see all of my old friends. Through these miles traveled, I have attained some amazing stories and that is what makes me different from other musicians. No one person has lived this story.

That is why when I am on stage I act as a storyteller, along with performing these songs that I enjoy so much. This is where the goofy thing starts to come into play. There is this venue that when I perform, the people in the crowd just love it when I tell stories and crack some jokes. Today I got an email from this venue and it went like this “I will be booking may starting march 1.  If you want to play here, I need the story telling toned down a bit”.

I want to note that this guy has not been around when I have performed and this is the same person that is trying to monopolize shows in that town. I’m starting to learn that they allow anyone to book at venues. I normally don’t voice my opinion on things like this but the major concern is this guy isn’t even at the show and he is telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. Some people out there still find ways of amazing me with stupidity.


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