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Where My Super Sonics At?

As I walk into a Starbucks in Oklahoma City, OK right after a rain storm that elevated the temp from a comfortable 82 degrees to a nice humid 95 degrees, I looked like I had the bat signal on my chest. I feel no shame in how much I was sweating because this fair skinned white boy from Seattle, WA is not used to anything this hot. As I explained my struggles to the two Starbucks employees, all they could do is laugh their asses off because they thought this was a really cool day.

 I have made it to the town, with further investigation I found this town to be a really interesting town and they have a love for baseball. Mickey Mantle lived in a small town in OK and that is why there is Mickey Mantle Dr. and a restaurant named Mickey Mantle, well that’s what the girl at Starbucks told me. My father is a real big fan of Mickey Mantle and his career so that made this town kind of cool for the fact that it reminded me of my father’s love of that player. How much a person can have an impact on someone and that one day someone could look up to me and follow my career like he did with Mickey Mantle’s career.

 Well I’m playing at this cool little dive looking bar in the heart of Bricktown, which looks like a super fun place and I’m ready to get back on stage and play. Well I will try and keep posting but Wi-Fi is sometimes hard to come by. My data plan on my phone is not thanking me for that.


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