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Well Back On The Road.....Again

Well, it looks like I have gone back to my old college ways. Wait until the last minute and find every possible reason (Thank you Facebook and every social media site at that) not to get the job done until I have 30 seconds left and somehow pull an assignment right out from where the sun don’t shine. Oh how I graduated is beyond me.

So right now I’m on the second week of the tour with my bass player Lee Whalen ( and we have made it down to the magical, almost Narnia like place called Boise, ID. With only a couple hiccups in the travel, counting one unnamed venue that decided to pass on the savings to us and not pay us are full agreed upon amount, we are finally here.

We have a couple nights here in Boise which consist of shows at Sockeye Brewing and Edge Brewing which have been go to spots when we are in town. “Somehow” we got St. Patrick’s Day off and we will be hitting the town of Boise, ID with all of the best intentions. So wish us luck and keep your eyes open because I may be coming to play a show in a town near you.


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