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"Welcome Home"

As of late I’ve had a bunch of thoughts racing thru my mind, and all of these thoughts have had one common thread. To really no surprise they all fall in the realm of music and this career I’ve been working so hard to create. It feels like everyone and their mothers are performing musicians who are trying to make “it”. So this tempting idea of just selling everything and wiping my hands clean of the business (almost like a mobster movie) and getting a 9 to 5 office job creeps into my mind and sounds like the “life” (hopefully like the show The Office).  While filling out these monotonous forms to find myself an “office” job my heart pulls me back. I start to think of all the moments I have experienced while touring around the country performing at dingy clubs, craft breweries and most importantly sorority houses. It didn’t take long before I started to do some soul searching from these past 3 years. I have to admit in moments of weakness, I wonder why I chose this path in life for the fact that I have to give up so much just so that I can perform music. Then I remember all these incredible stories from touring and the wonderful people like yourself, who I have met while performing my art and it makes me ever wonder why I even think about doing something different. Thank you, for being an incredible fan and here is my little treat for you. Here is my album cover for my upcoming record "Welcome Home". The goal is to have this full 10 track album out by the start of next year (fingers crossed). Hope you enjoy.


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