Stories From The Road

The Humble Beginnings

After one of my friends brought up the idea that he would enjoy hearing about my stories on the road. I then decided to try and create a blog on my site. So I got a dictionary, a thesaurus, and tried to learn how to write something worth a crap.  After getting detoured by the black hole called Facebook and every other excuse under the sun, I finally started. Which bring me to today. I got into Moscow, ID as I play at the “Madison Square Garden” of Moscow….. Patty’s Mexican Kitchen. I sure love college towns, but they always make me feel old, everyone in the town just stays the same age and I keep getting older. So thru out this tour I will be posting here and in a crazy way you can live vicariously thru me. So wish me luck and like I always say “until the next time we meet”.


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