Stories From The Road

The End of the Tour

Well the tour is coming to a close, 4 months on the road expanding from Washington State all the way to Florida and back is coming to its final chapter. This tour has been incredible and I have to say the main reason on why this tour has been amazing is the fact that I have met some of the most amazing people and I was able to see all of my friends and fans all across the country.

A couple nights ago I was wrapping up my show in Sandpoint, the bar was quiet, and all of the people have left to go home or continue their festivities elsewhere. The stage lights were dimmed to a point where it was almost nonexistent, and I was wrapping my cables and packing my equipment (it very therapeutic for me) and this thought went thru my mind. At the end of every night the crowds fade away, the music stops and the drinks stop flowing.

 We all part ways till the next time I slide back thru the town but we all shared this moment, a moment in time that only those people there that night will ever share. You saw me at my roots, my youthful beginnings and you took a chance to come see me play some songs that I felt were good enough to show them to you. All I can say to all of you who have had those moments with me is “Thank You”, you have made these moments special and something that I will never forget.

This tour has been incredible and the list of people I could thank for that is so long that I would have to talk over the award show “Wrap it up” music. I’m excited for the next tour that I go on and what the future has in store. Now I will be spending some time in the NW, playing shows and trying to stay warm this winter. It’s time to trade out the shirts and shorts for some flannel and Levi jean.

 It’s time to get back into the studio and work on my new album and I think I have already come up with an album name and I’m ready to get these songs I have lived with for a couple year down on some recording. Again thank you for making this tour and getting up on stage to play music awesome, you all are beautiful.


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