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What’s going on everyone, as you can see as of late I have been quiet on this blogs. I’ve been removing myself from this music thing and the BS that goes along with it as a mental cleanse. I’ve been doing this 40-hour work week thing and to be honest it’s kind of nice. You know you’re going to get paid, when they schedule you for work they don’t cancel on you and I can be in the same area for more than 2 days.

 The thing people don’t tell you about trying to make it as a musician is interactions with these people called venue owner/booking agents. I want to say majority of these people are cool people who follow thru with their word and treat you like a human but you run into some people that treat you like they are doing you a favor by letting you play music at their venue and that you should be paying them. So, I had this experience recently where I got double book, my name was on the posters and I had an email saying that I was performing that night but because the band I got double booked with set up their sound system an hour and a half before the show, they got to play. For people who don’t know, for a musician who is a solo artist it takes max 30 minutes to set up so you usually get there an hour before the show.

 So, I got bumped from the show but the venue owner said he would make it right by paying me the agreed upon amount plus the food and beer that was in the contract. So, I wasn’t mad that I couldn’t perform, I wanted to perform but I thought well at least he is making it right. He told me to give him a shout in a couple days and he will get that check to me once I get back from Washington. So today I went to go pick up the check and sure enough he gave me half of the amount we agreed upon and he told me it was for the fact that I didn’t play the show and he was doing me a favor by giving me the money.

 These are the people that make it tough for musicians to try and play their bills, if I would have known this, I would have personally torn down the other artists sound system and I would have played. I stressed I wanted to play the show but he said I can’t do anything I will just pay you to make it right. I’ve gotten jaded because of this business, you learn that there are people who will lie to your face and then act like they are the hero.

Trying to make a living at being a live music musician (I don’t know about DJ’s), you bend over backwards to make a penny and even with a binding agreement written out they feel they can short you. I want to note this isn’t every venue, most are cool but you run into these snakes and you reconsider why you even are trying to live off this. I love creating music but damn this stuff gets old.


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