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Some S### May Have To Go Down

So for today’s post I’m going to talk about the “not so bright side” of being a musician. Last night I played my show at Patty’s Mexican Kitchen, which the crowd combined to a total of 10 people max. That was not the bad part, I have played many of show to an empty room. The part that really got me was at the end of the night when I went to square out with the venues owner, who looked like he was maybe 25 he fought me on paying me the amount we agreed upon. He wanted me to play longer and pay me the same amount.

 We came upon an agreement that I would play my last 45 minutes earlier because the crowd was very skinny and there was no point in playing to an empty venue (like that made a difference earlier). Prior to that last 45, I performed 3 hour of music which takes quiet a toll on the body. After the 45 minute set, I started to pack up all of my gear so that I could hang out with the couple people that were there and enjoy the rest of the night.

As I put the finishing touches on the clean-up, a crowd of 30 something, parents with their baseball kids came into eat some food. So I went to the manager to square away my pay for the night because I earned that stuff. I was more beat up than Floyd Mayweather and the Pac-Man after their fight that I paid $20 to see at Buffalo Wild Wings but I digress.

 He then started to fight me about my pay that we talked about and agreed upon. After having to stand up for myself and check him a little we got square but why in the hell would you fight someone who has done their job professionally and earned every penny. To me that’s like your boss coming up to you after a 40 hour work week and saying well I don’t feel like paying you the amount I promised, I would like to pay you less than that. How would you feel about that?

I know the answer everyone would say…..HELL NO. So it baffles me that some people out there who devalue the arts and think all this is, is a hobby or a joke. Sorry it’s my living and I’m getting paid. I love to eat food way too much to not get paid.

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