Stories From The Road


It makes me laugh about what people freak out about. I was listening to a girl freak out because she didn’t get her chocolate chip mocha fast enough. All I could think about was “who gives a shit”. So you are telling me that you are soooo thirsty that you cannot live one more minute without you 32 oz chocolate drink.

I give so much credit to people that work in the service industry because I would have a major problem not telling that uppity bitch to go something that I know would have gotten me fired. I wish people would become more considerate to others feeling. They should live outside of their own world for a minute and realize that they are really not that important in this big ol’ world.

 I really miss the mentality of the southern life style and wish people up here would adopt some of their beliefs in how to treat others. The mentality of “there is no such thing as a stranger”. I would have to believe this world would be a happier place. Which would help us live in better harmony.


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