Stories From The Road

Oh Yelm Kill Me

I’m back at home…well my parent’s new home. It’s Yelm, WA which is what you would call a small town (under 7,000 people). This place is already driving me up the wall. It seems like the normal thing to do is to have a family and that’s it. I understand some people want that for their lives and I cannot knock that but my god, to have a family or expecting one on the way by the age of 18 seems crazy to me. For a single, 20 something like myself, this shit drives me up the fucking wall.

I swear I have been in this town for a week total and I already wanna get back on the road. I would like to be around like minded people like myself and I’m able to find that on the road. I just know that in this town it had not been able to draw any emotions out of me, to make me wanna write some new songs. Well wish me luck, thankfully I will be back on the road again soon.



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