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Oh Butter Jesus

As I look out into the Texas summer heat, my whole body starts to sweat just thinking about it. Well today it’s a nice brisk 105 degrees as the high. Yeah that was not a typo, it will be 105 degrees today. I will be playing my favorite game and that is run as fast as you can from one AC room to another freezer box AC room. I will be playing at Buffalo West in Fort Worth, TX which is a great place for my music and the people seem to really enjoy themselves. Last time I was there, some 10 year old boy told me to shut up and just continue playing my music because he enjoyed the tunes but not the stories apparently haha.

Yesterday I found out their used to be dry counties in Texas 6 months ago. HOLY CRAP, you are telling me you can’t go to your grocery and buy alcohol or even at worst a liquor store (I didn’t know those still existed). As the southern people would say “Bless your Heart” and I’ve learned that is not a complement. Good think the people down here are as sweet as the tea because the weather is trying to kill you, the bugs are trying to kill you, and even the food is trying to stop your heart. They have butter sculpting contests, I know my heart skips a beat just thinking about it. Well at least I will see butter Jesus before my heart stops, that how I see my Jesus, made completely out of wonderful dairy gold butter.


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