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My Families on the Road

Location: Murphy, TX

Going on 2 months on the road

As I’ve been on the road exploring new land inside of the state’s, something has started to happen. I’ve started to feel like I’m getting my “families on the road”. I have my family in Washington that has raised me to be the person I am today, Thanks Mom, Dad and Keely. The more I tour the more I’m starting to join more families who are helping me shape my personality.

 It’s really amazing how open these people are to letting me stay at their place, helping me out when I need help and everything else. It’s something else though, I have my Idaho family, my Georgia family, my Texas family and the list goes on. These people are some of the most kind hearted people I could ever wish to meet.

It makes me laugh, I will meet people who I ask if I can crash at their place and then they will give me a million and one reasons to why I can’t crash at their place. “Oh I’m sorry I can let you crash because it’s the 3rd Wednesday of the month and my toaster acts up”.

 Then I run into people like my amazing Texas family who are like “Oh we won’t be home but here is are door code, come on in and make yourself at home”. It really is something when I get excited to tour out so that I can play (of course) but I get to stay with my other families and catch up to see how everyone is doing.


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