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John Mayer's Song Called Daughters

Well it’s been a week since I have sat down and wrote some of my thoughts in a word file. As of late it has been the same stuff, playing shows, eating A LOT of Chick-fil-a and hoping to god the van is happy and wants to treat me well. One of my shows that I had recently played had an interesting interaction with a fan.

I started to perform John Mayer’s song “Daughters” and this guy out in the crowd LOVED that song. I should back up and tell you that I was set up in the corner of this little Irish Pub. There was no stage so I was ground level with everyone, it was a very personal show. Back to the story at hand though, this gentleman walked up right in front of me and started to sing the song with me. The problem was he knew none of the words but sang the song like he wrote it.

The disturbing part was he started to almost air hump my mic stand (I felt bad for the mic stand but it was practically asking for it haha). With this I have learned that my thesis of “people who were sun glasses inside, will do something crazy” just ask my bass player Lee about the time at Tom Graineys and the women who was wearing sun glasses inside.

I will be playing in Athens, GA tonight and I’m now heading back to the West Coast. Let’s see if I don’t die from heat exhaustion on my way back to the PNW.


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