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I Wasn't Expecting That

These are the days that are nice to have every once and a while, a day off. This little travel day brought me to Salt Lake City, UT which has been really enjoyable. On the way in a couple girls waved at me with a smile on their face and the sun was out in full force. One of those feel good moments. After arriving at my friends place, I grabbed his bike and just went out on the trails to escape. The green grass, ducks lounging in the stream and the mountains always in eyes view.

It’s a Utah holiday today, its pioneer day. I was told its Utah’s 4th of July so they light off fireworks and BBQ. To me that sounds like a calm 4th, for it to be a true 4th their needs to be someone wearing a “safety” helmet with 3 mortar tubes duck taped to the top of it. It’s not just for show, we then place this helmet on our very own stunt professional, put some mortars in those tubes, get a motorcycle (cause shooting mortars off your head isn’t dangerous enough) and light those babies off as our professional does donuts in my cousins yard. I know you are thinking “That’s it?” and I would reply with “calm yourself, I’m not done”.

 While this is happening we all light up our roman candles, take aim and try to shoot are professional stuntman while he is doing only something I could imagine was taken from any “Expendables” movie.

We will see if Utah can hold up to my high standards of firework showmanship. The most important thing is, don’t try this at home and always know where the nearest hospital is.


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