Stories From The Road

I Think I'm Going Crazy

Week 3 of this little tour has risen upon me and now the crazy part of the tour creeps its little head. For people who have never toured, there is a point on the tour where you just start acting like a complete and utter……..ass (in a lack of terms). Not in the sense that you get pissed off cause you don’t have only green M&M’s, shoot I would be happy if someone gave me M&M’s.

You just start doing crazy things, for example. Whenever someone asks me what brings me to said town, the normal answer is “I’m playing a show at so and so” well now I just say “I’m here to shoot a porno” and wait to see what their reaction is. It really is super entertaining and some people are great sports.

 Also at this point you gain an over exaggerated sense of confidence. I don’t skateboard (well I did a little bit when I was 14 years old) but I felt that I could play a game of skate with some who knew how to skate very well. Let’s just say I woke up the next day pretty damn sore.  Well wish me luck I don’t do anything too stupid before the end of this tour happens. I got a couple more weeks till I’m back in the Seattle area and then to the studio grind.


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