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Holy Crap it is Hot Down Here

So just for your information, I have been writing a blog every day but I have learned that to post any of my blogs I need the all mighty Wi-Fi…….”my precious”. Another fun night spent in the “greatest” supermarket parking lot of all-time, Walmart. So after a long ass 10 hour drive today, it got me thinking about taking risks and if the struggles you endure in the beginning are worth the reward.

              I found this phrase that I felt was very relevant “This will all make sense someday”. I feel that this is very true and it is hard to think like that at certain times.  I really wish there was a way to clone yourself and live two different lives and meet up 20 years down the road. See how different life would be if you would have chosen that different path. I feel that everything happens for a reason and that you just have to see the positives in it all.

Yeah, sleeping in my van in a creepy Walmart parking lot is not what I would call a dream but it allows me to get on stage and play my music and I can survive while doing it. Even though this part sucks it still builds character and makes me the person that I am today. Also it is freaking hot here in the south by that I mean it’s 75 degrees at night time. This makes it very difficult to sleep in the van comfortably. I have learned if you are feeling down, keep your head up, it always gets better from here.


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