Stories From The Road

Got To Go The Distance

Sunday in the south means everything shuts down expect Starbucks, thankfully that’s where I wanted to hang out. So this is around week 5 or so of touring and I can feel it taking its toll on me. Not just physically but emotionally. This job just has its way of chipping away at you, like an ice sculptor creating a piece of work.

Today was a day that I reverted to my roots of being a kid and getting lost in my headphones and just escaping from the world completely. Blue Scholars “Blue Scholars” album and a green tea lemonade from Starbucks just because it is way too hot for my favorite, Peppermint Mocha. Lexington, KY has been an amazing town to hang out in and I plan on visiting it again in the future. I just want to start making my way back home and sleep in my Temper-pedic bed. I have taken that for granted when I was at home but on the road it reminds me that you don’t always have a bed to sleep in every night.

I also need it to cool the heck down here because I’m getting tired of waking up at 9am with my sheets drenched in sweat because it is so damn hot in the van when the sun wakes up. Well it’s another day in paradise and let’s see what tomorrow bring for me. One bonus of today was I had a great conversation with a cute southern girl and it is making me want to move to the south because of all the breath taking beauties.


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