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Feeling Like A Baller

So I feel bad for not posting yesterday but I feel that it would have been a boring post. I was just going to talk about how irritating it is when someone has no brain or personality and all of the effort it takes to hold the conversation (I know you’re thinking, wake me up when you are done). I feel that waiting the extra day helped make a more entertaining story because if I tried to write this post last night it would have been filled with tons of errors (with the help of expensive scotch). So I was hanging out with one of my good friends Vic last night with a bunch of his friends at a high society restaurant/lounge called Chandlers.

This dark lite room with a jazz duo playing the standards set the mood for the room. People here all had a dress code of at least business casual and it felt like all of them had a bank account as deep as the Grand Canyon. The difference was, we were in our 20’s or early 30’s, most college grads so you would think why in the hell are we even here. This place is too damn expensive for our demographic and it seemed like the rest of the group was ordering everything off of the menu. I have learned that you never really wanna know what the market price is. These restaurants shop at way more expensive markets then the markets I set foot in.

 It was a 4 course meal with expensive cuts of meat, I played my favorite game, what items on the menu are the same price or more than what I’m getting paid tonight at Sockeye Brewing. So all I had was my favorite meal…..BEER. I was really hungry so I decided to have two. So as the meal ended, we were all waiting for the waitress to bring us the bill that probably would be so big, you would need to move it in the light to make sure that you have seen the numbers right.  Well the waitress never came around but the reason that was, was that one of the guys at are table picked up the entire bill. That bill had to be a minimum of at least $1000.

It doesn’t end here, we all go and play some card games and we decided to break are separate ways, so the two of the guys from the party drive me back to the place I’m staying at, but we decided to have another drink. This tall, sharp dressed gentleman offers me some whiskey from his collection and I gladly accept the generous offer. Well that whiskey was a bottle of Jameson 25 year which markets at $250 per bottle, which was the smoothest tasting whiskey I have ever tried in my life (no pickle juice chaser was need). This whiskey was a work of art, I think I just cried a tear of joy remembering how good it was right now.

 Well it gets better, after I finished that drink he asked me if I like scotch and at the moment Ron Burgundy jumped and said scotchy, scotch, scotch and I said “yes I like scotch”. So he pulls out this bottle of Highland Park 25 year and poured me a glass of that sweet nectar. Later I found out that the bottle of Highland Park 25 year was a $500 bottle. So we started talking about money, life goals and the society we live in. I felt like I was in an article in GQ or Esquire. This conversation lasted till the wee hours of the night and until that scotch decided to creep up on me. Last night was a growing experience and Boise has given me yet another amazing story.


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