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Family Bonding Time

Week 1 is in the books for this little tour out to Bozeman, MT. The cool part about this first part of the tour was I took my sister on the road with me. As we started in Seattle, WA at The Hard Rock we ended up in Bozeman, MT with a couple of stops along the way to play some shows. This travel has been one hell of a bonding experience and thanks to (Lee A. Whalen’s traveling with Jacob Cummings 101 guide) my sister survived and we didn’t kill each other.

Also I learned for a very tiny person, my sister is a garbage disposal with food. I feel as if I have gained 30 pounds in 5 days. I love ya sis but I’m happy (also my dietitian) you are flying home. I can’t eat at that rate or I will be the size of a sumo wrestler, lucky for her she has the metabolism that runs as fast as a 1000 horsepower drag car.

On the last day of this trip we were able to travel to Yellowstone Nation Park and I believe we saw every Bison in that park at least once. At one moment we were so close to them we could have scratched them (I think they would have liked that lol). Also being able to see “Old Faithful” should be on everyone’s bucket list and I was able to help my sister check that off the list.

So now that she is flying home, she doesn’t have to put up with me making her load in my music gear every show, pour water from one water bottle to the next (just because I can) and make her listen to all my demo’s to see which ones she likes the most. Sis it was fun having you on the road and next we will some place a little warmer.

My tour thou is just starting up and I will be playing four shows in Bozeman, MT until I start heading back west for a little bit of time. I hope I see you all at my shows.

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