Stories From The Road

Day Late A Dollar Short

Well I’ve been on the road for about 2 weeks and this is the first time this tour I’ve had to do this…..sleep in a Walmart parking lot. Thank you Pagosa Springs, CO for that but every time I sleep in a Walmart parking lot there is a bit of nostalgia. It brings me back to my first tour, the sorority tour. Majority of that tour was spent sleeping in Walmart parking lots.

That’s how I got my road legs, so every time someone is so generous in letting me sleep on their couch it feels like the 4 seasons. Well that BS, the 4 seasons is WAY better but I appreciate what those people do for me. I feel that if I strike it big and get a head that is way too big to fit thru doors I will have to go spend a night at Walmart and remind myself about my roots. There is something about my night light being a huge ass sign that offers the lowest prices out there that warms my heart haha. Well it’s nap time, well when you read this I will be awake cause I need to find a place that offers free Wi-Fi. God I’m freaking broke but I wouldn’t live my life any other way.


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