Stories From The Road

Bye Bye Liver

Suns out, not so much guns out. My fat ass has lost most muscle tone thanks to all of this amazing cooking but in my defense I did go to the gym today. Well I took a shower at the gym so I guess that counts. My buddy sent me this picture of a pug dog and it stated “Exercise….I thought you said Extra Fries”.  That is the story of this tour. Thank god I learned how to talk at the University of Personality, which means I got fat because you know who gets laid less than a funny fat guy…… A fat guy.

 I’m in Lexington, KY for a couple days which could be the death of my liver because they have a highway called the trail of distilleries, or it was something like that. Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey and Makers Mark are just some of the distilleries on that highway. So I want to make a public apology to my liver right now and state, I’m sorry for the hell I’m going to put you thru but I will enjoy every minute of it. All I will need to do is find a horse and I can get drunk, ride a horse and play music. Which is a bucket list kind of day for me, so wish me luck.


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