Stories From The Road

Breaking The Chains of Routine

Alabama Shakes rings out of the speakers, my lungs fill with the nutty coffee aroma of the Hazelnut coffee and I’m being brought back to life. My skin feels sticky because of the lack of a refreshing shower and the southern humidity that traps you in its clutches. I’m in a small town in Alabama after a night of playing music at this amazing venue in Anniston, AL.

 I was talking to this guy at the bar and he was explaining to me about how different it was to have a “non-chain” restaurant do well in a small town in Alabama. He explained to me how a lot of people stick to what they know and have a hard time venturing out of their comfort zone. I felt that was an interesting comment for the reason, later that night I felt like an outcast amongst the workers inside the bar because all they wanted to do was gossip about work problems.

They had a hard time talking about any other topics besides that. Is that because they were comfortable talking about that topic….I don’t know, or was it because I was a new variable in the equation and they didn’t want to kill the routine…. Also I don’t know. Let’s hope that the gyms here are different and let in strangers because I would like to get a good work out in and a hot shower before I jet off to Mississippi.


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