Stories From The Road

A Cool Little Town Next To Asheville

Location: Black Mountain, NC in a parking lot inside the “creeper” van.


The rain drops fall from the sky landing on the metal roof of the Astro van which creates a soothing nature tone in the living quarters. Last night I crashed on a couch in the first time in 4 days, which felt like I was in heaven. Didn’t have to worry about dying from heat exhaustion if I slept in too long, so I took the opportunity to sleep in till 11 am. I made the 4 plus hour trip to a town outside of Asheville, NC which is an amazing gem of a place. Before I got to Black Mountain I stopped and ate at this café called “Tupelo Honey Café” which unbeknownst to me was a higher scaled southern cooking place. I had a fork out a couple more bucks than I was expecting but I had Okra for the first time and their Mac and Cheese was “off the hook” as Guy Fieri would say it so eccentrically.  

My Dad got me a hotel room at the Holiday Inn for this Saturday which has now become a vacation day for me. The thought of having my own room with AC, cable and a king size bed make me wet myself a little from all of the excitement. I plan on purchasing some of Florida’s finest beers and watching some mindless TV show for hours on end. The only time I will get up is when I have to go the bathroom or get another beer, I know what you are thinking ladies “How Sexy” and I know.


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