Stories From The Road

Something New to Read

What’s going on everyone, as you can see as of late I have been quiet on this blogs. I’ve been removing myself from this music thing and the BS that goes along with it as a mental cleanse. I’ve been doing this 40-hour work week thing and to be honest it’s kind of nice. You know you’re going to get paid, when they schedule you for work they don’t cancel on you and I can be in the same area for more than 2 days.

 The thing people don’t tell you about trying to make it as a musician is interactions with these people called venue owner/booking agents. I want to say majority of these people are cool people who follow thru with their word and treat you like a human but you run into some people that treat you like they are doing you a favor by letting you play music at their venue and that you should be paying them. So, I had this experience recently where I got double book, my name was on the posters and I had an email saying that I was performing that night but because the band I got double booked with set up their sound system an hour and a half before the show, they got to play. For people who don’t know, for a musician who is a solo artist it takes max 30 minutes to set up so you usually get there an hour before the show.

 So, I got bumped from the show but the venue owner said he would make it right by paying me the agreed upon amount plus the food and beer that was in the contract. So, I wasn’t mad that I couldn’t perform, I wanted to perform but I thought well at least he is making it right. He told me to give him a shout in a couple days and he will get that check to me once I get back from Washington. So today I went to go pick up the check and sure enough he gave me half of the amount we agreed upon and he told me it was for the fact that I didn’t play the show and he was doing me a favor by giving me the money.

 These are the people that make it tough for musicians to try and play their bills, if I would have known this, I would have personally torn down the other artists sound system and I would have played. I stressed I wanted to play the show but he said I can’t do anything I will just pay you to make it right. I’ve gotten jaded because of this business, you learn that there are people who will lie to your face and then act like they are the hero.

Trying to make a living at being a live music musician (I don’t know about DJ’s), you bend over backwards to make a penny and even with a binding agreement written out they feel they can short you. I want to note this isn’t every venue, most are cool but you run into these snakes and you reconsider why you even are trying to live off this. I love creating music but damn this stuff gets old.


Why Do I Have To Deal With Idiots

Going back out on the road and performing has some high pros and some really goofy cons. The greatest part of touring is being able to meet all these new people and see all of my old friends. Through these miles traveled, I have attained some amazing stories and that is what makes me different from other musicians. No one person has lived this story.

That is why when I am on stage I act as a storyteller, along with performing these songs that I enjoy so much. This is where the goofy thing starts to come into play. There is this venue that when I perform, the people in the crowd just love it when I tell stories and crack some jokes. Today I got an email from this venue and it went like this “I will be booking may starting march 1.  If you want to play here, I need the story telling toned down a bit”.

I want to note that this guy has not been around when I have performed and this is the same person that is trying to monopolize shows in that town. I’m starting to learn that they allow anyone to book at venues. I normally don’t voice my opinion on things like this but the major concern is this guy isn’t even at the show and he is telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. Some people out there still find ways of amazing me with stupidity.

"Welcome Home"

As of late I’ve had a bunch of thoughts racing thru my mind, and all of these thoughts have had one common thread. To really no surprise they all fall in the realm of music and this career I’ve been working so hard to create. It feels like everyone and their mothers are performing musicians who are trying to make “it”. So this tempting idea of just selling everything and wiping my hands clean of the business (almost like a mobster movie) and getting a 9 to 5 office job creeps into my mind and sounds like the “life” (hopefully like the show The Office).  While filling out these monotonous forms to find myself an “office” job my heart pulls me back. I start to think of all the moments I have experienced while touring around the country performing at dingy clubs, craft breweries and most importantly sorority houses. It didn’t take long before I started to do some soul searching from these past 3 years. I have to admit in moments of weakness, I wonder why I chose this path in life for the fact that I have to give up so much just so that I can perform music. Then I remember all these incredible stories from touring and the wonderful people like yourself, who I have met while performing my art and it makes me ever wonder why I even think about doing something different. Thank you, for being an incredible fan and here is my little treat for you. Here is my album cover for my upcoming record "Welcome Home". The goal is to have this full 10 track album out by the start of next year (fingers crossed). Hope you enjoy.


Exciting News

Well a lot has been happening since the last time I have written. The most important thing is………I finally finished the album and if everything works out correctly, it will be released this winter. I’m so excited to release this album, it’s been 3 years in the works. This album is my stories and lessons I’ve learned from touring, recording and performing. Recording this album, I held nothing back which excites me to see how you will receive this album. One of the coolest parts, is I got to work with some top notch musicians and engineers. I’m so excited to get my new album “Welcome Home” out to all of you.



I Think I'm Going Crazy

Week 3 of this little tour has risen upon me and now the crazy part of the tour creeps its little head. For people who have never toured, there is a point on the tour where you just start acting like a complete and utter……..ass (in a lack of terms). Not in the sense that you get pissed off cause you don’t have only green M&M’s, shoot I would be happy if someone gave me M&M’s.

You just start doing crazy things, for example. Whenever someone asks me what brings me to said town, the normal answer is “I’m playing a show at so and so” well now I just say “I’m here to shoot a porno” and wait to see what their reaction is. It really is super entertaining and some people are great sports.

 Also at this point you gain an over exaggerated sense of confidence. I don’t skateboard (well I did a little bit when I was 14 years old) but I felt that I could play a game of skate with some who knew how to skate very well. Let’s just say I woke up the next day pretty damn sore.  Well wish me luck I don’t do anything too stupid before the end of this tour happens. I got a couple more weeks till I’m back in the Seattle area and then to the studio grind.


Family Bonding Time

Week 1 is in the books for this little tour out to Bozeman, MT. The cool part about this first part of the tour was I took my sister on the road with me. As we started in Seattle, WA at The Hard Rock we ended up in Bozeman, MT with a couple of stops along the way to play some shows. This travel has been one hell of a bonding experience and thanks to (Lee A. Whalen’s traveling with Jacob Cummings 101 guide) my sister survived and we didn’t kill each other.

Also I learned for a very tiny person, my sister is a garbage disposal with food. I feel as if I have gained 30 pounds in 5 days. I love ya sis but I’m happy (also my dietitian) you are flying home. I can’t eat at that rate or I will be the size of a sumo wrestler, lucky for her she has the metabolism that runs as fast as a 1000 horsepower drag car.

On the last day of this trip we were able to travel to Yellowstone Nation Park and I believe we saw every Bison in that park at least once. At one moment we were so close to them we could have scratched them (I think they would have liked that lol). Also being able to see “Old Faithful” should be on everyone’s bucket list and I was able to help my sister check that off the list.

So now that she is flying home, she doesn’t have to put up with me making her load in my music gear every show, pour water from one water bottle to the next (just because I can) and make her listen to all my demo’s to see which ones she likes the most. Sis it was fun having you on the road and next we will some place a little warmer.

My tour thou is just starting up and I will be playing four shows in Bozeman, MT until I start heading back west for a little bit of time. I hope I see you all at my shows.

Until Next Time


Well Back On The Road.....Again

Well, it looks like I have gone back to my old college ways. Wait until the last minute and find every possible reason (Thank you Facebook and every social media site at that) not to get the job done until I have 30 seconds left and somehow pull an assignment right out from where the sun don’t shine. Oh how I graduated is beyond me.

So right now I’m on the second week of the tour with my bass player Lee Whalen ( and we have made it down to the magical, almost Narnia like place called Boise, ID. With only a couple hiccups in the travel, counting one unnamed venue that decided to pass on the savings to us and not pay us are full agreed upon amount, we are finally here.

We have a couple nights here in Boise which consist of shows at Sockeye Brewing and Edge Brewing which have been go to spots when we are in town. “Somehow” we got St. Patrick’s Day off and we will be hitting the town of Boise, ID with all of the best intentions. So wish us luck and keep your eyes open because I may be coming to play a show in a town near you.


It's Starting to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Dang it’s been a while since I have checked in to tell a little bit about what’s going on.  After my plane flight into Moscow, ID so that I can meet up with my friends for are little Friendsmas, I had this want to write a little. Well the year is almost over and can I just say it went by fast. I’m already planning next year and it looks like it will be even better than this year’s show schedule. I guess I shouldn’t get to ahead of myself because first I want to get this on record, I love Christmas. Something about giving presents and getting together with all the people that you love just makes me feel amazing. It’s the time of year that I think about all of the crazy things that happened throughout the year. I went on another USA tour, I met my bass player and took him on his first hippy US tour and it looks like I will finish well in my fantasy football league. This year flew by and I just tried to hold onto as many memories as I could. Thank you all for the memories that you all helped me capture and I really look forward to what 2016 has to bring for me and all the amazing people that I surround myself by.


Oh Yelm Kill Me

I’m back at home…well my parent’s new home. It’s Yelm, WA which is what you would call a small town (under 7,000 people). This place is already driving me up the wall. It seems like the normal thing to do is to have a family and that’s it. I understand some people want that for their lives and I cannot knock that but my god, to have a family or expecting one on the way by the age of 18 seems crazy to me. For a single, 20 something like myself, this shit drives me up the fucking wall.

I swear I have been in this town for a week total and I already wanna get back on the road. I would like to be around like minded people like myself and I’m able to find that on the road. I just know that in this town it had not been able to draw any emotions out of me, to make me wanna write some new songs. Well wish me luck, thankfully I will be back on the road again soon.



The End of the Tour

Well the tour is coming to a close, 4 months on the road expanding from Washington State all the way to Florida and back is coming to its final chapter. This tour has been incredible and I have to say the main reason on why this tour has been amazing is the fact that I have met some of the most amazing people and I was able to see all of my friends and fans all across the country.

A couple nights ago I was wrapping up my show in Sandpoint, the bar was quiet, and all of the people have left to go home or continue their festivities elsewhere. The stage lights were dimmed to a point where it was almost nonexistent, and I was wrapping my cables and packing my equipment (it very therapeutic for me) and this thought went thru my mind. At the end of every night the crowds fade away, the music stops and the drinks stop flowing.

 We all part ways till the next time I slide back thru the town but we all shared this moment, a moment in time that only those people there that night will ever share. You saw me at my roots, my youthful beginnings and you took a chance to come see me play some songs that I felt were good enough to show them to you. All I can say to all of you who have had those moments with me is “Thank You”, you have made these moments special and something that I will never forget.

This tour has been incredible and the list of people I could thank for that is so long that I would have to talk over the award show “Wrap it up” music. I’m excited for the next tour that I go on and what the future has in store. Now I will be spending some time in the NW, playing shows and trying to stay warm this winter. It’s time to trade out the shirts and shorts for some flannel and Levi jean.

 It’s time to get back into the studio and work on my new album and I think I have already come up with an album name and I’m ready to get these songs I have lived with for a couple year down on some recording. Again thank you for making this tour and getting up on stage to play music awesome, you all are beautiful.


Music Video Fun Stuff

Bozeman, MT

Yesterday was a long, tiring day yet it was extremely fun because of the adventures I embarked on. My journey yesterday was to shoot a music video for the song “Beautiful”.  From 10am to 10pm we worked are asses off to create this video. I’m excited to see it when we are at the end result. I worked with the amazing Sierra Fein and her staff who does some incredible work. I also got the great opportunity to act with the sweet and gorgeous Jewel Christensen. We shot at many different locations all across Bozeman, MT which has to be one of the most breathtaking places in the country.

I had a moment yesterday that was kind of a trip. We were setting up for a shot in the town and some guy out of nowhere came up to me and said “Hey Jacob Cummings how are you?” I was taken back at first. He then said “I saw you at Wild Joes about 3 months ago, how has the music been?” which was even more of a shock.

Someone actually knows me because of my music and they called me out of a group of people. It was a trip but at the same time it was a freaking awesome feeling.  I have a weird feeling 2016 will be an awesome year. I know this maybe a little early to talk but I will have my first music video out, I plan on going into the studio to record my first full length album and that will be the year I need to make a big push in my music career.

Well I will keep you all informed about the music video and when I get it out on the world wide web. I also want to thank everyone who helped me with the music video, you all were so amazing.  It was fun, also this little girl came on set because she wants to grow up and be a director. So it was my goal to give that kid as much sugar as I possibly could so I got her Cookies, Chocolate, and Soda. The best part, I didn’t have to worry about the kid getting the crazy sugar high. I love having no responsibilities.



It makes me laugh about what people freak out about. I was listening to a girl freak out because she didn’t get her chocolate chip mocha fast enough. All I could think about was “who gives a shit”. So you are telling me that you are soooo thirsty that you cannot live one more minute without you 32 oz chocolate drink.

I give so much credit to people that work in the service industry because I would have a major problem not telling that uppity bitch to go something that I know would have gotten me fired. I wish people would become more considerate to others feeling. They should live outside of their own world for a minute and realize that they are really not that important in this big ol’ world.

 I really miss the mentality of the southern life style and wish people up here would adopt some of their beliefs in how to treat others. The mentality of “there is no such thing as a stranger”. I would have to believe this world would be a happier place. Which would help us live in better harmony.


Back To The North

I’m finally back in the north where I can wear my Levi jeans, a flannel shirt and not sweat my ball off from all of the humidity. I haven’t been able to get to a computer for a while and a lot has happened since we last talked. Like I first stated I’m back in the north and that is a huge plus but I do miss the southern hospitality and savory food.

 While I was in OKC, I stayed with this 63 year old women who wrote erotica and also owns a pickle company. I don’t have to explain to you that, that women has an awesome personality. Another tidbit of information people in Iowa are very prideful about their corn. I would have never guess, I always thought Nebraska was the only place that prides themselves about their corn selection.

In a couple days I will be working with the amazing Sierra Fein from Bozeman, MT on my music video for “Beautiful”. It excites me that she acts extremely professional (also that she’s an amazing videographer) because the last person who was going to do my music video was an extreme flake. Well I guess as they say you live and learn.  Well I’m off to perform a show in Minot, ND tonight. Why Not Minot.


My Families on the Road

Location: Murphy, TX

Going on 2 months on the road

As I’ve been on the road exploring new land inside of the state’s, something has started to happen. I’ve started to feel like I’m getting my “families on the road”. I have my family in Washington that has raised me to be the person I am today, Thanks Mom, Dad and Keely. The more I tour the more I’m starting to join more families who are helping me shape my personality.

 It’s really amazing how open these people are to letting me stay at their place, helping me out when I need help and everything else. It’s something else though, I have my Idaho family, my Georgia family, my Texas family and the list goes on. These people are some of the most kind hearted people I could ever wish to meet.

It makes me laugh, I will meet people who I ask if I can crash at their place and then they will give me a million and one reasons to why I can’t crash at their place. “Oh I’m sorry I can let you crash because it’s the 3rd Wednesday of the month and my toaster acts up”.

 Then I run into people like my amazing Texas family who are like “Oh we won’t be home but here is are door code, come on in and make yourself at home”. It really is something when I get excited to tour out so that I can play (of course) but I get to stay with my other families and catch up to see how everyone is doing.


Breaking The Chains of Routine

Alabama Shakes rings out of the speakers, my lungs fill with the nutty coffee aroma of the Hazelnut coffee and I’m being brought back to life. My skin feels sticky because of the lack of a refreshing shower and the southern humidity that traps you in its clutches. I’m in a small town in Alabama after a night of playing music at this amazing venue in Anniston, AL.

 I was talking to this guy at the bar and he was explaining to me about how different it was to have a “non-chain” restaurant do well in a small town in Alabama. He explained to me how a lot of people stick to what they know and have a hard time venturing out of their comfort zone. I felt that was an interesting comment for the reason, later that night I felt like an outcast amongst the workers inside the bar because all they wanted to do was gossip about work problems.

They had a hard time talking about any other topics besides that. Is that because they were comfortable talking about that topic….I don’t know, or was it because I was a new variable in the equation and they didn’t want to kill the routine…. Also I don’t know. Let’s hope that the gyms here are different and let in strangers because I would like to get a good work out in and a hot shower before I jet off to Mississippi.


John Mayer's Song Called Daughters

Well it’s been a week since I have sat down and wrote some of my thoughts in a word file. As of late it has been the same stuff, playing shows, eating A LOT of Chick-fil-a and hoping to god the van is happy and wants to treat me well. One of my shows that I had recently played had an interesting interaction with a fan.

I started to perform John Mayer’s song “Daughters” and this guy out in the crowd LOVED that song. I should back up and tell you that I was set up in the corner of this little Irish Pub. There was no stage so I was ground level with everyone, it was a very personal show. Back to the story at hand though, this gentleman walked up right in front of me and started to sing the song with me. The problem was he knew none of the words but sang the song like he wrote it.

The disturbing part was he started to almost air hump my mic stand (I felt bad for the mic stand but it was practically asking for it haha). With this I have learned that my thesis of “people who were sun glasses inside, will do something crazy” just ask my bass player Lee about the time at Tom Graineys and the women who was wearing sun glasses inside.

I will be playing in Athens, GA tonight and I’m now heading back to the West Coast. Let’s see if I don’t die from heat exhaustion on my way back to the PNW.


A Cool Little Town Next To Asheville

Location: Black Mountain, NC in a parking lot inside the “creeper” van.


The rain drops fall from the sky landing on the metal roof of the Astro van which creates a soothing nature tone in the living quarters. Last night I crashed on a couch in the first time in 4 days, which felt like I was in heaven. Didn’t have to worry about dying from heat exhaustion if I slept in too long, so I took the opportunity to sleep in till 11 am. I made the 4 plus hour trip to a town outside of Asheville, NC which is an amazing gem of a place. Before I got to Black Mountain I stopped and ate at this café called “Tupelo Honey Café” which unbeknownst to me was a higher scaled southern cooking place. I had a fork out a couple more bucks than I was expecting but I had Okra for the first time and their Mac and Cheese was “off the hook” as Guy Fieri would say it so eccentrically.  

My Dad got me a hotel room at the Holiday Inn for this Saturday which has now become a vacation day for me. The thought of having my own room with AC, cable and a king size bed make me wet myself a little from all of the excitement. I plan on purchasing some of Florida’s finest beers and watching some mindless TV show for hours on end. The only time I will get up is when I have to go the bathroom or get another beer, I know what you are thinking ladies “How Sexy” and I know.


Got To Go The Distance

Sunday in the south means everything shuts down expect Starbucks, thankfully that’s where I wanted to hang out. So this is around week 5 or so of touring and I can feel it taking its toll on me. Not just physically but emotionally. This job just has its way of chipping away at you, like an ice sculptor creating a piece of work.

Today was a day that I reverted to my roots of being a kid and getting lost in my headphones and just escaping from the world completely. Blue Scholars “Blue Scholars” album and a green tea lemonade from Starbucks just because it is way too hot for my favorite, Peppermint Mocha. Lexington, KY has been an amazing town to hang out in and I plan on visiting it again in the future. I just want to start making my way back home and sleep in my Temper-pedic bed. I have taken that for granted when I was at home but on the road it reminds me that you don’t always have a bed to sleep in every night.

I also need it to cool the heck down here because I’m getting tired of waking up at 9am with my sheets drenched in sweat because it is so damn hot in the van when the sun wakes up. Well it’s another day in paradise and let’s see what tomorrow bring for me. One bonus of today was I had a great conversation with a cute southern girl and it is making me want to move to the south because of all the breath taking beauties.


Bye Bye Liver

Suns out, not so much guns out. My fat ass has lost most muscle tone thanks to all of this amazing cooking but in my defense I did go to the gym today. Well I took a shower at the gym so I guess that counts. My buddy sent me this picture of a pug dog and it stated “Exercise….I thought you said Extra Fries”.  That is the story of this tour. Thank god I learned how to talk at the University of Personality, which means I got fat because you know who gets laid less than a funny fat guy…… A fat guy.

 I’m in Lexington, KY for a couple days which could be the death of my liver because they have a highway called the trail of distilleries, or it was something like that. Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey and Makers Mark are just some of the distilleries on that highway. So I want to make a public apology to my liver right now and state, I’m sorry for the hell I’m going to put you thru but I will enjoy every minute of it. All I will need to do is find a horse and I can get drunk, ride a horse and play music. Which is a bucket list kind of day for me, so wish me luck.


Reunited At Last

Publix Sweet Tea with some of their lemonade will be the death of me. I swear my dentist must love it when I get to the south because of all the sugar in that drinks. I swear he is probably signing papers for a new Lexus once he heard I was in the south. Last time I “smuggled” 3 gallons of Publix sweet tea back home to Seattle just so that I could continue my addiction. Now that I’m just walking distance from this vice, I’m in trouble.

I think Taylor Swift wrote that song “I Knew You Were Trouble” about southern sweet tea. Some cruel bastard yesterday must have thought it was funny to turn off the AC in the apartment gym so that when I worked out I looking like I was swimming in my clothes. I felt like a fat person getting all hot and heavy thinking about eating a delectable triple layer chocolate cake.

I need to get in shape for the sole fact that southern women are freaking drop dead stunning and I need to find me a southern bell. They are smoking, they know how to cook with love (aka butter) and the sweet southern accent is sexy. Well on that note I better get working on my music cause that’s the only way any of these girls will give me the time of day haha.


Oh Butter Jesus

As I look out into the Texas summer heat, my whole body starts to sweat just thinking about it. Well today it’s a nice brisk 105 degrees as the high. Yeah that was not a typo, it will be 105 degrees today. I will be playing my favorite game and that is run as fast as you can from one AC room to another freezer box AC room. I will be playing at Buffalo West in Fort Worth, TX which is a great place for my music and the people seem to really enjoy themselves. Last time I was there, some 10 year old boy told me to shut up and just continue playing my music because he enjoyed the tunes but not the stories apparently haha.

Yesterday I found out their used to be dry counties in Texas 6 months ago. HOLY CRAP, you are telling me you can’t go to your grocery and buy alcohol or even at worst a liquor store (I didn’t know those still existed). As the southern people would say “Bless your Heart” and I’ve learned that is not a complement. Good think the people down here are as sweet as the tea because the weather is trying to kill you, the bugs are trying to kill you, and even the food is trying to stop your heart. They have butter sculpting contests, I know my heart skips a beat just thinking about it. Well at least I will see butter Jesus before my heart stops, that how I see my Jesus, made completely out of wonderful dairy gold butter.


You Can Still Smoke In Doors?

Body aches, sweat filling every pour from the sauna like Astro van, and a smell of what I imagine teen spirit smells like. Well minus the Axe body spray and just the funk. As I get my mind around the show last night and how much fun it was, packed bar and people were listening to the live music, well I think haha.

 I know one dude was because he came up to me and wanted to talk about my story and raved about how jealous he was because I’m living the “dream”.  Also one girl who had a name that started with an A. I don’t know who the dude that was hovering by her but he was kind of an ass hat. I know Webster would approve of that word ass hat.

The dark lite smoky room, filled with actual cigarette smoke was the house for my music and interesting conversations. I can check off playing in a smoke filled room off of my bucket list. Also one of the bartenders was super cute and had a great personality with seductive brown eyes but enough about my eHarmony commercial.

 With 5 hours of sleep and a melody in my heart I travel out to Tahlequah, OK to play a show. Thank god for Redbull or I would be in deep crap. Side note I just saw a tiny girl in Starbucks with huge fake boobs, well I’m taking a wild guess. With how tiny her figure was, I don’t think basketballs size cans grow on a tiny women like that. God bless America right haha.


Where My Super Sonics At?

As I walk into a Starbucks in Oklahoma City, OK right after a rain storm that elevated the temp from a comfortable 82 degrees to a nice humid 95 degrees, I looked like I had the bat signal on my chest. I feel no shame in how much I was sweating because this fair skinned white boy from Seattle, WA is not used to anything this hot. As I explained my struggles to the two Starbucks employees, all they could do is laugh their asses off because they thought this was a really cool day.

 I have made it to the town, with further investigation I found this town to be a really interesting town and they have a love for baseball. Mickey Mantle lived in a small town in OK and that is why there is Mickey Mantle Dr. and a restaurant named Mickey Mantle, well that’s what the girl at Starbucks told me. My father is a real big fan of Mickey Mantle and his career so that made this town kind of cool for the fact that it reminded me of my father’s love of that player. How much a person can have an impact on someone and that one day someone could look up to me and follow my career like he did with Mickey Mantle’s career.

 Well I’m playing at this cool little dive looking bar in the heart of Bricktown, which looks like a super fun place and I’m ready to get back on stage and play. Well I will try and keep posting but Wi-Fi is sometimes hard to come by. My data plan on my phone is not thanking me for that.


Holy Crap it is Hot Down Here

So just for your information, I have been writing a blog every day but I have learned that to post any of my blogs I need the all mighty Wi-Fi…….”my precious”. Another fun night spent in the “greatest” supermarket parking lot of all-time, Walmart. So after a long ass 10 hour drive today, it got me thinking about taking risks and if the struggles you endure in the beginning are worth the reward.

              I found this phrase that I felt was very relevant “This will all make sense someday”. I feel that this is very true and it is hard to think like that at certain times.  I really wish there was a way to clone yourself and live two different lives and meet up 20 years down the road. See how different life would be if you would have chosen that different path. I feel that everything happens for a reason and that you just have to see the positives in it all.

Yeah, sleeping in my van in a creepy Walmart parking lot is not what I would call a dream but it allows me to get on stage and play my music and I can survive while doing it. Even though this part sucks it still builds character and makes me the person that I am today. Also it is freaking hot here in the south by that I mean it’s 75 degrees at night time. This makes it very difficult to sleep in the van comfortably. I have learned if you are feeling down, keep your head up, it always gets better from here.


Day Late A Dollar Short

Well I’ve been on the road for about 2 weeks and this is the first time this tour I’ve had to do this…..sleep in a Walmart parking lot. Thank you Pagosa Springs, CO for that but every time I sleep in a Walmart parking lot there is a bit of nostalgia. It brings me back to my first tour, the sorority tour. Majority of that tour was spent sleeping in Walmart parking lots.

That’s how I got my road legs, so every time someone is so generous in letting me sleep on their couch it feels like the 4 seasons. Well that BS, the 4 seasons is WAY better but I appreciate what those people do for me. I feel that if I strike it big and get a head that is way too big to fit thru doors I will have to go spend a night at Walmart and remind myself about my roots. There is something about my night light being a huge ass sign that offers the lowest prices out there that warms my heart haha. Well it’s nap time, well when you read this I will be awake cause I need to find a place that offers free Wi-Fi. God I’m freaking broke but I wouldn’t live my life any other way.


I Wasn't Expecting That

These are the days that are nice to have every once and a while, a day off. This little travel day brought me to Salt Lake City, UT which has been really enjoyable. On the way in a couple girls waved at me with a smile on their face and the sun was out in full force. One of those feel good moments. After arriving at my friends place, I grabbed his bike and just went out on the trails to escape. The green grass, ducks lounging in the stream and the mountains always in eyes view.

It’s a Utah holiday today, its pioneer day. I was told its Utah’s 4th of July so they light off fireworks and BBQ. To me that sounds like a calm 4th, for it to be a true 4th their needs to be someone wearing a “safety” helmet with 3 mortar tubes duck taped to the top of it. It’s not just for show, we then place this helmet on our very own stunt professional, put some mortars in those tubes, get a motorcycle (cause shooting mortars off your head isn’t dangerous enough) and light those babies off as our professional does donuts in my cousins yard. I know you are thinking “That’s it?” and I would reply with “calm yourself, I’m not done”.

 While this is happening we all light up our roman candles, take aim and try to shoot are professional stuntman while he is doing only something I could imagine was taken from any “Expendables” movie.

We will see if Utah can hold up to my high standards of firework showmanship. The most important thing is, don’t try this at home and always know where the nearest hospital is.


Feeling Like A Baller

So I feel bad for not posting yesterday but I feel that it would have been a boring post. I was just going to talk about how irritating it is when someone has no brain or personality and all of the effort it takes to hold the conversation (I know you’re thinking, wake me up when you are done). I feel that waiting the extra day helped make a more entertaining story because if I tried to write this post last night it would have been filled with tons of errors (with the help of expensive scotch). So I was hanging out with one of my good friends Vic last night with a bunch of his friends at a high society restaurant/lounge called Chandlers.

This dark lite room with a jazz duo playing the standards set the mood for the room. People here all had a dress code of at least business casual and it felt like all of them had a bank account as deep as the Grand Canyon. The difference was, we were in our 20’s or early 30’s, most college grads so you would think why in the hell are we even here. This place is too damn expensive for our demographic and it seemed like the rest of the group was ordering everything off of the menu. I have learned that you never really wanna know what the market price is. These restaurants shop at way more expensive markets then the markets I set foot in.

 It was a 4 course meal with expensive cuts of meat, I played my favorite game, what items on the menu are the same price or more than what I’m getting paid tonight at Sockeye Brewing. So all I had was my favorite meal…..BEER. I was really hungry so I decided to have two. So as the meal ended, we were all waiting for the waitress to bring us the bill that probably would be so big, you would need to move it in the light to make sure that you have seen the numbers right.  Well the waitress never came around but the reason that was, was that one of the guys at are table picked up the entire bill. That bill had to be a minimum of at least $1000.

It doesn’t end here, we all go and play some card games and we decided to break are separate ways, so the two of the guys from the party drive me back to the place I’m staying at, but we decided to have another drink. This tall, sharp dressed gentleman offers me some whiskey from his collection and I gladly accept the generous offer. Well that whiskey was a bottle of Jameson 25 year which markets at $250 per bottle, which was the smoothest tasting whiskey I have ever tried in my life (no pickle juice chaser was need). This whiskey was a work of art, I think I just cried a tear of joy remembering how good it was right now.

 Well it gets better, after I finished that drink he asked me if I like scotch and at the moment Ron Burgundy jumped and said scotchy, scotch, scotch and I said “yes I like scotch”. So he pulls out this bottle of Highland Park 25 year and poured me a glass of that sweet nectar. Later I found out that the bottle of Highland Park 25 year was a $500 bottle. So we started talking about money, life goals and the society we live in. I felt like I was in an article in GQ or Esquire. This conversation lasted till the wee hours of the night and until that scotch decided to creep up on me. Last night was a growing experience and Boise has given me yet another amazing story.


Some S### May Have To Go Down

So for today’s post I’m going to talk about the “not so bright side” of being a musician. Last night I played my show at Patty’s Mexican Kitchen, which the crowd combined to a total of 10 people max. That was not the bad part, I have played many of show to an empty room. The part that really got me was at the end of the night when I went to square out with the venues owner, who looked like he was maybe 25 he fought me on paying me the amount we agreed upon. He wanted me to play longer and pay me the same amount.

 We came upon an agreement that I would play my last 45 minutes earlier because the crowd was very skinny and there was no point in playing to an empty venue (like that made a difference earlier). Prior to that last 45, I performed 3 hour of music which takes quiet a toll on the body. After the 45 minute set, I started to pack up all of my gear so that I could hang out with the couple people that were there and enjoy the rest of the night.

As I put the finishing touches on the clean-up, a crowd of 30 something, parents with their baseball kids came into eat some food. So I went to the manager to square away my pay for the night because I earned that stuff. I was more beat up than Floyd Mayweather and the Pac-Man after their fight that I paid $20 to see at Buffalo Wild Wings but I digress.

 He then started to fight me about my pay that we talked about and agreed upon. After having to stand up for myself and check him a little we got square but why in the hell would you fight someone who has done their job professionally and earned every penny. To me that’s like your boss coming up to you after a 40 hour work week and saying well I don’t feel like paying you the amount I promised, I would like to pay you less than that. How would you feel about that?

I know the answer everyone would say…..HELL NO. So it baffles me that some people out there who devalue the arts and think all this is, is a hobby or a joke. Sorry it’s my living and I’m getting paid. I love to eat food way too much to not get paid.

The Humble Beginnings

After one of my friends brought up the idea that he would enjoy hearing about my stories on the road. I then decided to try and create a blog on my site. So I got a dictionary, a thesaurus, and tried to learn how to write something worth a crap.  After getting detoured by the black hole called Facebook and every other excuse under the sun, I finally started. Which bring me to today. I got into Moscow, ID as I play at the “Madison Square Garden” of Moscow….. Patty’s Mexican Kitchen. I sure love college towns, but they always make me feel old, everyone in the town just stays the same age and I keep getting older. So thru out this tour I will be posting here and in a crazy way you can live vicariously thru me. So wish me luck and like I always say “until the next time we meet”.


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